The Logical Writer” (Cindy Saloio) is an “Air Force Brat” who was born in Illinois. Her family moved to a small town in Western Massachusetts after their father retired in 1970.

In her early years, they lived in Panama, where iguanas, massive bullfrogs, fire ants, vultures, vicious rainy seasons, and sharks were the norm – Where you chose Atlantic or Pacific when you ventured to the beach, and where the jungle in the backyard supplied her family with the tastiest fruit ever!

Today she lives with and helps her 86 year old mom, who is not very mobile and her step-father who’s 86 also. She enjoys, vermicomposting, photography, hiking, camping, bird watching, and pretty much anything outdoors.  If she isn’t writing or doing something above, you’ll find her tending to her organic herbs and veggies in the little home-made greenhouse. This she built at the beginning of the pandemic during the stay-at-home order.

With over 30 years of office experience in a variety of businesses, and sick of the corporate BS, the time is right to venture off in another direction. That of self-employment.

Her goal is to generate enough online income to support herself. Then, buy a van, customize it for living/working and slowly travel across the country.

Beyond the need to see and experience all this country has to offer; Her desire to work her way to California to visit her son. By the time she gets there, she’ll know if a full-time RV Boondocking life is really for her! 😉