To Share Or Not To Share

My place to share all I have accumulated over many years while trying to figure out how I want to do to generate a sustainable income from home.

For me, the biggest hurdles have been a lack of self-confidence (mindset) and picking out my best niche. I tend to get stuck in the information overload state thinking the more information I have, the better chance of building up my self-confidence. I have learned that this is not always true,. At least not for me anyway. Do you have this problem as well? If so, I have tons of information to share that I hope will help you too!

First and foremost is the mindset. You need to get in the right mindset. Success will be very difficult if not downright impossible until you do!

My intention is to use this blog as a tool to serve two purposes:

  • As a writing tool to share my thoughts and hobbies.
  • As a means to share helpful things that I have saved, learned, and still learning.

So, I begin building out my website. Although I still struggle with a specific niche, I know my focus is on copywriting. As I filter through my hard and flash drives, I will share what I have collected with all who are interested.

I hope it helps you to take the courageous step and move in the direction of what will truly make you happy!