SaleHoo Wholesale Directory Review

The SaleHoo Wholesale Directory Insider’s Review

SaleHoo Wholesale Directory

Recently, one of my “online friends” mentioned that it wasn’t so hard to find reputable suppliers anymore. He recommended that I check out the SaleHoo Wholesale Directory.

I’ve looked into buying at wholesale and reselling for profit but found too many questionable suppliers out there. If you know what I mean. Others had prices too high to be wholesale. Although they’d try to convince you otherwise – “I’m giving you a real bargain at that price”!

Sometimes, I sell items just laying around the house and no longer needed on eBay or Craigslist. I’ve had good response. I’ve met some hagglers along the way and we’ve settled, both satisfied. I found it can be a quick and easy way to make a few bucks online!

It’s not that I don’t trust my friend…..It’s the building myself up to only be disappointed……again!

Up until he mentioned SaleHoo, I’d given up on trying to make a business out of it.

The SaleHoo Claims

  • The SaleHoo Wholesale Directory claims to have more than 8000 trustworthy suppliers listed in their directory.
  • They say, there’s a research lab too for finding profitable and trending products.
  • They also report to have over 137,000 members and an active forum full of seasoned sellers ready to help.
  • Award winning customer service

Before we look at the these claims, I’ll tell you this.

They offer a 60-day money back guarantee, which is double what most give. The price was surprisingly reasonable too, at $67 for one-year and $127 for a lifetime membership.

So, I decided to grab a one year membership and really check it out.

I mean – there’s nothing to lose with their money back guarantee. And if their claims are true I’ll be able to save much more than the cost of membership.

Of course, I looked inside straight after my purchase. I have to say, so far, I’m impressed and my friend was right. I’m very pleased with the SaleHoo Wholesale Directory.

It seems, it’s all it’s chocked up to be!

Get the SaleHoo Directory here

The Wholesale Directory Suppliers

As I said, it’s hard to find true wholesale suppliers. I know because, I’ve tried. Especially, if you’re looking for quality big brand goods. I’m talking Apple, Samsung, Goddess, Armani, 3M and many others. Being a member of SaleHoo Wholesale Directory is like being part of a secret club!

Although I haven’t counted there are tons of suppliers in the directory. You don’t have to purchase an upgrade to get access to all of them either. You get full access with purchase along with updates and new suppliers when they’re added.

Inside the directory there are manufactures, wholesalers, distributors, drop shippers and even liquidators listed. Along with company overviews, terms, catalog, contact info. and much more.

SaleHoo even guarantees that all their suppliers and products are legitimate with the SaleHoo Safety Seal.

Are the Prices Really Wholesale?

The prices are lower than I thought they would be. They are true wholesale prices from many different types of suppliers. Many don’t even require a minimum order amount.

So far I’ve picked two to do business with. One, I ordered an item for my greenhouse from to test delivery speed. I received it in less than a week. The quality is as expected and I saved $9 compared to Walmart and Amazon pricing and that includes shipping. Not bad I’d say for one silly irrigation drip system!

My DIY greenhouse completed 4/2020

I am corresponding with the other through email. I still have my store to organize before I’m ready to order. Plus, they have a minimum order amount although many suppliers do not and will even dropship for you.

Now that I have access to a directory full of great suppliers with quality products at true wholesale prices – I know I can make money selling on any platform!

I never would have found these places if not for the SaleHoo Wholesale Directory.

The Market & Research Lab

When purchasing the SaleHoo Wholesale Directory you automatically get a pretty cool feature called the Research Lab. Here’s where you can track the most popular and trending products across both eBay and Amazon.

It’s like starting out a step ahead because you know what’s a good seller beforehand. The Research Lab will certainly save a lot of time and money. No waste on trial and error.

You can filter results by sales percentage, price and competition to get a broad range of trending and profitable products. A great way to solve the dilemma of picking a niche too!

This feature alone makes SaleHoo Wholesale Directory worth every penny. I highly recommend it for the market lab feature alone.

SaleHoo Wholesale Directory Upgrades

As far as upgrades go, It’s not at all what I was expecting.

You have a choice between:

  • One-Year Membership @ $67
  • Lifetime Membership @ $127

The SaleHoo Wholesale Directory Training

You receive plenty of free training with your membership but in addition they offer a couple of paid courses:

  • Amazon Product Launch @ $47
  • Shopify Dropship & Automation Training @ $47

Customer Support and Forums Info.

Customer service at SaleHoo is really great. I have reached out twice and both times they got back to me within a few hours. They are happy to help by giving suggestions, recommendations and answering any questions you may have. Just send them an email. They’ll also get you a list of suppliers for certain products. Typically they’ll get back to you within a day (longer on weekends) with a reply that is friendly, professional and complete.

I don’t believe many places offer the customer service that SaleHoo does. I understand why it is award winning. Read the reviews for yourself:

As for the forum it is the largest I’ve ever seen. Although I haven’t posted in it I have read quite a lot. Members are in fact helpful and friendly. What I also liked is that suppliers also post in the forum. Some reply in a non salesy way to questions. Others posts about new products or features. Personally, I like that

Now For the Bad News

After reading all the good I’ve written. You may be surprised to hear me say that there are downsides to the SaleHoo Wholesale Directory too. Nothing I would consider major but worth mentioning if I’m going to be honest.

If you are expecting that Salehoo is a system that will teach you how to make a six figure income on Amazon, eBay, Shopify or any other platform in a years time – It won’t!

If you think you’ll learn how to write persuasive sales copy, or online marketing techniques – It won’t do that either!

For that, I recommend you check out this page, there are some great books. Couple that knowledge with the SaleHoo Wholesale Directory and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goal. Whatever that may be!

Disclosure: as an Amazon affiliate I would collect a small commission upon purchase of any eligible item on the page. However, it does not affect your purchase price in any way whatsoever.

To Buy Or Not To Buy

So, do I think you should buy SaleHoo? The answer is YES, I really do. There are over 8,000 legitimate and trustworthy suppliers. Wholesalers, drop shippers, distributors, manufacturers and liquidators, suppliers of all types. All with true wholesale prices.

The market research lab puts you a step ahead right off the bat by listing trending and profitable items across both Amazon and eBay.

The support staff is top notch and super helpful. They really will do what they can to help you with which items will sell and which won’t do well.

My last reason is a logical one – because you don’t have to use it for business only! You can easily save far more than the cost throughout the year on purchases for you, your home, gifts, your friends and family too!

To learn more or if you are interested in buying go here

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